2018 Exam Schedule

2018 Entrance Exam, Practice Exam, and Certification Exam dates and registration deadlines.

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Exams and Workshops

Participant feedback from ATIO’s Translating Official Documents workshop held in Toronto on April 1, 2017:

The workshop was SUPER EXCELLENT. Good job, ATIO.

Bekircan Tahberer [workshop presenter] generously offered a wealth of valuable information, had extremely organized, detailed, and relevant slides, and was patient and knowledgeable in answering questions. I loved it and learned a lot from him. I would highly recommend he be invited to speak at future events.


Participant feedback from ATIO’s “The Ins and Outs of Verbs” workshop held in Toronto on September 9, 2017:

“Frances [Peck] is an excellent instructor and was a draw for me. The exercises with answers provided were most valuable for applying our learning.”

“Well structured. Notions clearly explained. Very detailed and helpful materials.”



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