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Practice Exam


Deadline for registrations:
August 2, 2019
Cost: $150.00, plus tax
per language combination (1 text to translate*)
(cost for non-members: $210.00, plus tax)

  [Please complete the registration form and return it to [email protected] to register for the Practice Exam.]


Are you planning on writing the CTTIC Certification exam next year and want to prepare by practicing?

You may choose to write your CTTIC Certification Practice exam for Translation from home* or in a classroom setting in order to get a better idea for what it feels like to be in that environment while writing your exam. To verify on the availability of a Practice Exam for Interpreters and Terminologists, please contact us at [email protected].  

*Please note only members in good standing are eligible to write this exam from home. 


Exam Format

  • – Candidates may wish to translate only one text, or two texts in order to imitate the actual exam in full.
  • – You will translate text(s) from your “source language” to your “target language” (this information will have been provided to us in your ATIO Membership Application form).
  • – Selected text(s) will be approximately 200 words in length and it will be in the same nature as the compulsory/optional texts used in the actual CTTIC Certification exams.
  • – If you choose to translate one (1) text, the maximum duration of the Practice exam is 1.5 hours.
  • – If you choose to translate two (2) texts, the maximum duration of the Practice exam is 3 hours. (*added charges apply: $50.00, plus tax)


Exam Day Regulations

  • – Only registered Candidates can sit for the exam or complete it from home.
  • – You will be provided with lined sheets, source text and a black pen.
  • – Please arrive 15 minutes early for registration with proof of identification (you must show a driver’s licence or any other 2 pieces of identification).
  • – No one will be admitted more than 10 minutes after the commencement of the examination.
  • – The use of print materials such as dictionaries and other reference works ARE PERMITTED during the examination.
  • – The use of any electronic device during the examination is strictly prohibited.  Electronic devices include, but are not limited to, cell phones, BlackBerries®, iPods®, laptops and tablet computers.  (During the actual CTTIC Certification exam, any such use will lead to your disqualification; the examination will not be marked and the fee will not be refunded.)

Please also note

  • – To ensure anonymity, papers will be identified by a number only.
  • – One marker will be assigned to each exam and they will apply the CTTIC marking guidelines when marking the exams.
  • – Unlike with the actual CTTIC exam, you will receive a marker’s comments sheet as well as your marked exam to make sure that this is a fully educational experience for you. The feedback provided should give a reasonable idea of whether you are ready to take the actual exam and, if not, where you need more work.
  • – Candidates are reminded that even if they achieve a passing mark, they might not necessarily pass the certification exam, but if they fail, the chances are high that they will fail the actual exam.
  • – You will be notified of your results by e-mail. Examination papers will not be returned to candidates. The minimum time required for marking exams is six (6) weeks.
  • – Candidates may take as many practice exams as they wish.
  • – The fees associated to this exam will not be reimbursed.
September 14, 2019
September 14, 2019
***EXACT LOCATION and exam schedule details will be sent to each Candidate prior to the exam.