Why should I consider becoming an ATIO member?


By joining ATIO, you are helping the Association in its mission to promote a high level of competence in the fields of translation, conference interpretation, court interpretation, community interpretation, medical interpretation and terminology by: providing a collective voice for its members; promoting the professional development of its members; and applying standardized, national criteria to recognize the competence of professional translators, conference interpreters, court interpreters, community interpreters, medical interpreters and terminologists.

As a member of ATIO, you are eligible to register for the Certification Exam. Certification enhances your professionalism. It proves your credentials and standing in the profession. It shows you have pride in the profession and it can help you find other job opportunities. A large number of organizations, government ministries, and educational institutes require ATIO certified members to provide translations or interpretations. ATIO provides dozens of free referrals to its members every single day via e-mail and phone. This is in addition to the numerous daily searches done in our public directory by individuals and organizations looking to find translators and interpreters.


We are accepting applications to join ATIO.

DO NOT mail them in, rather, email a scanned version to

During this time, payments must be made over the phone using a credit card or a visa-debit card (see application form for details). ATIO does not accept e-transfers for payments.

If your application results are pending, please be patient. You will receive the results of our assessment in due time.


Becoming a certified ATIO member involves several stages:

Step 1

First you must sign up to receive announcements. At this point, you await the invitation to sign up for the ATIO Mandatory Information Session. Following the session, you must register for, and pass, the prerequisite exams. Once you pass the prerequisite exams, you then proceed to Step 2.


Step 2 - Applicant

You must submit an application for membership. At this point you are considered an Applicant while your supporting documentation is vetted and, in the case of translators, an Entrance Exam is taken.


Step 3 - Candidate

After passing the entrance criteria, you are a Candidate for Certification. As a candidate for certification, you have five years to pass the Certification Exam or on dossier process. As a Candidate you may also participate in ATIO’s events, workshops and training opportunities.


Step 4 - Certified

Once you have passed the Certification Exam (or On Dossier equivalent) you are then considered a Certified member.

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Be Professional
Once you become a Candidate for Certification, you are eligible to register for the national certification examination. Certification is the gold standard. Prove to yourself and to your clients that you have achieved the highest level of competency.
Get Work
All members are listed in the online directory, which is regularly consulted by users of linguistic services. ATIO also provides a job offer distribution service which enables employers to contact our professionals when they want to recruit translators, interpreters or terminologists. Certain provincial and federal government departments, among others, only hire Certified professionals.
Take advantage of the many opportunities available throughout the year to meet and interact with over 1,000 colleagues from across the province. Broaden your own network of contacts and resource people with new sources of information.
Stay Abreast of Change
Receive specific mailings to members, participate in social and professional activities and read our award-nominated newsletter InformATIO.
Get Recognized
ATIO has a process by which to recognize the specialization(s) of practicing professionals. Recognized specialists have undergone a rigorous process to verify their training and experience, and demonstrate in-depth knowledge in one of eleven fields.
Learn and Grow
Further your knowledge and improve your skills by reading our award-nominated newsletter, InformATIO, attending workshops, various networking events and our AGM.
Access Preferential Rates and Group Benefits
Take advantage of preferential membership rates for professional development programs, professional and personal insurance plans, vehicle rentals, accommodations, and more.
Influence the Future of Your Profession
Get involved with the Association to advocate for your profession.
Be Part of a Collective Voice
The ATIO Secretariat provides clients and the public with information on the various aspects and working conditions of the professions represented by ATIO. We actively advocate for our members and publicize the role performed by our members in society.


Pay dues
Dues are annual and must be paid by the cut-off date to remain a member in good standing.
Become Certified
Candidates for Certification have five years in which to become certified, through the national examination or On Dossier.
Adhere to the Code of Ethics
All ATIO members must adhere to provisions in the Code of Ethics.


As a not-for-profit corporation, ATIO relies on its members to participate actively by volunteering in a number of ways. You can write or translate articles for our newsletter, InformATIO; invigilate exams; participate on committees; offer a workshop or information session; be a tutor; help out at events and workshops. Contact the Secretariat to find out how you can help.
Make Your Voice Heard
This is your professional association. Tell us what you need and let us be the collective voice.
Stand for Election
ATIO is led by a volunteer Board of Directors. Help shape the future of our Association by standing for one of these positions.

1. President (must be a member of the outgoing Board)
2. Vice-President
3. Secretary (or Secretary-Treasurer)
4. Treasurer (or Secretary-Treasurer)
5. Director, Independent Translators
6. Director, Salaried Translators
7. Director, Conference Interpreters
8. Director, Court Interpreters
9. Director, Terminologists
10. Director, Foreign Languages
11. Director, Community Interpreters
12. Director, Medical Interpreters

Our Annual General Meeting is held in Ottawa or Toronto every spring. Come to hear what the Board and Secretariat staff have been doing on your behalf, and be sure to vote for the incoming Board of Directors.




Only ATIO members who have taken the national Certification Exam or been vetted through the on dossier process can use the reserved title of “Certified” in Ontario.