April 1, 2019

Professional Development Day Details: April 27

Registration is now open for the professional development sessions and networking lunch!

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Register now:

A: Workshop Sessions Only:                     $ 85
B: Networking Buffet Lunch Only:              $ 45
C: Workshops and Lunch (Special Price):  $114


  • Workshop Sessions: 9:00am-12:00pm
  • Networking Buffet Lunch: 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
  • Annual General Meeting: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Everyone is invited to stay for the Annual General Meeting.

Session 1:
The Language Professional’s Toolkit – Embracing Technology to Reach your True Potential

In recent years, technology has taken the language services industry by storm, challenging and disrupting all language professions.

For interpreters and translators, rapid changes in technology raise a myriad of issues that language professionals need to contend with, from the relevance of our profession in this new reality to how to best embrace and make sense of the technology that can enhance our work.

Join us for this interactive workshop where we will try to map the language technology landscape and suggest ways in which language professionals can augment their work and their careers in this often confusing, but undoubtedly exciting world.

Presenters:  MCIS Management Team (tentatively: Latha Sukumar and Veronica Costea)

Session 2:
Protecting your Business, your Clients and your Profession: Using, Creating and Navigating Contracts

Legal contracts can be intimidating, confusing and expensive, yet every business needs them. How can a business owner or employee navigate the complex world of contracts? Through education. The challenge of course, is that there is a lot of material available on legal contracts and everyone has a different opinion about what is legally legitimate.

During this session, learn from a business lawyer, whose specialty is legal contracts, how you can navigate contracts and take charge of your business and/or career.

In this interactive session find out:

  • Why contracts are required: Protecting yourself, your business, your clients;
  • How a legal contract is created;
  • What important provisions should be in every legal contract;
  • Tips and Tricks on How to draft contracts effectively;
  • What if…? How to navigate your contracts in everyday life;

Presenter: Amy Grubb, Business Lawyer at Grubb Law. Specializes in commercial contracts.

Join us on April 27th at 9:00 am for these interactive and informative sessions.

You can register for the Annual General Meeting on the same form.

Please find below, links to the documents concerning the 2019 Annual General Meeting, which will be held in Toronto on Saturday, April 27th, 2019 at 1:00 p.m.

For the AGM only, please complete this registration form and return it to us

Notice of Annual General Meeting (Proposed Agenda)
Call for Nominations
Notice of Nomination
Proxy Form
Proxy Management
2018 Audited Financial Statements
2019 Budget
Bylaw amendments
Proposed dues Increase
By-law Ratification: By-laws, Appendix 1 and Appendix 4.

As per last year’s AGM motion where it was approved that the title of “Member” be reserved to certified ATIO professionals only. 

Motion presented and approved at ATIO’s AGM held on April 21, 2018. 

Caroline Napier presented a motion regarding the definition of “members” in ATIO’s By-laws.  The motion reads: 

According to the will expressed by the majority of certified members surveyed (86 %), the title of “Member” should be reserved to certified ATIO professionals only.  Changes to the By-laws will be made accordingly to reflect this change and presented to the next AGM for ratification.

Moved by:           Caroline Napier
Seconded:           Sonia Leblanc

Draft of the Minutes of the AGM of the ATIO, April 21, 2018
ATIO AGM 2018 President and Directors’ Reports

Toronto Venue
The DoubleTree by Hilton
** Toronto Ballroom **

108 Chestnut Street, Toronto, ON M5G 1R3
Map and directions from both the subway and the airport: Map and Directions

Veronica Costea, C. Tran. (ATIO)
Director of Client Services, MCIS

Veronica Costea is the Director of Client Services at MCIS, a certified translator, and a qualified interpreter. She holds a BA in Languages and MA in Cultural Studies. She has worked in the language industry since 2004 as a translator, interpreter, language teacher and in computational linguistics research.

Veronica has also been involved with several training development projects as an instructional designer, including MCIS training for interpreters working with victims and survivors of sexual violence and human trafficking and MCIS’s unique and innovative language independent translator training program. In addition to English she also speaks Romanian, French, Hungarian and Japanese. Veronica is a strong believer in language rights and an advocate for equal access to critical information and services beyond language barriers.

Hongyan (Jack) Xu,
Marketing Manager, MCIS

Hongyan (Jack) Xu is the current Marketing Manager at MCIS Language Solutions, and has been with the company since 2011. He has held numerous positions in the past, including Translation Coordinator, Training Coordinator, Resource Development Supervisor and Interpretation Services Manager. In addition to his full time work, Jack also works as an English<>Mandarin conference interpreter and Chinese>English translator. He holds a Master’s degree in Conference Interpreting from York University, and was accredited as a conference interpreter by the Translation Bureau in 2016. Jack is an ardent believer in leveraging advancements in technology for all types of work in the language services industry.

Amy Grubb, Lawyer
Grubb Law, Ottawa

Amy Grubb is a business lawyer licensed by the Law Society of Ontario. She was trained on Bay Street before joining one of the largest law firms in the world (by revenue). She currently runs her own law firm and has a niche practice focused on drafting, reviewing, editing and negotiating commercial contracts. Her clients include other lawyers, entrepreneurs and small and medium sized Canadian businesses. Amy writes a weekly blog on contracts and small business issues (grubblaw.ca/blog-2/) and also sells DIY contract templates for entrepreneurs (grubblaw.ca/shop/).